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Simply Refill

Your local refill service for household cleaning and bath products

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about us

Simply Refill is an innovative refill service. We make refilling your household cleaning, laundry, soap and hair products so easy.

We're a zero waste service bringing affordable, single use plastic-free shopping to Westminster Park in Chester, and surrounding areas.

We'll collect your empties, refill them and deliver the next day!

All you need to do is check the website or Facebook page for the products we have in stock.

Product catalogue


Lemon Washing up liquid

£0.45 per 100ml


Lavendar Hand soap

£0.41 per 100ml

Faith In Nature

Rosemary Shampoo

£0.95 per 100ml

Faith In Nature

Rosemary Conditioner

£0.95 per 100ml

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How to Simply Refill

  1. Place your Order

Contact us by email, website or whatsapp to place your order.

You can find the products we have in stock here or on the Facebook page.

Orders need to be placed by 11am for next day delivery.

Plastic Bag Outline

2. Pop your containers outside

Place your clean containers in a bag and pop them outside your proerty for us to collect.

mobile payment

3. Pay using the payment link

We'll refill and weigh your containers, and then send you over a payment link once your order is ready.

Electric Vehicle Icon

4. Your products will be delivered by electric car

We'll drop your order off within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked


Simply Refill is a zero waste service bringing affordable, single use plastic-free shopping to Westminster Park in Chester, and surrounding areas.

What can I refill?

We offer a selection of non-food refill products such as hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry liquid, cleaning products and much more.

What do I do if I want to refill but I don't have any containers?

We promote reusing your own bottles and containers but also provide bottles for you to buy and refill, should you prefer. When you have a few empty (refillable) containers of household or bath/hair products make sure you save them.

What about the environmental impact of the plastic containers used for refilling?

The containers are sent back to our suppliers who wash and refill them in a closed loop system.

What are your opening hours?

Message us with your order Monday-Thursday 9.30am-5pm. Orders placed before 11am will usually be delivered within 24 hours.

How does it work?

Simply Refill aims to reduce the barriers to refilling non-food products, so we're trying to make the service as simple as possible.

When you're ready to refill, check my products page to see what's available (the products will change from time to time).

Drop me an email, whatsapp or text to place your order with me, letting me know the products you'd like, and the bottles you'd like refilled with each. An order would look something like this

Hi Jenny,

Please can I have the following:

Miniml lime washing up liquid (fairy bottle)

Miniml apricot hand soap (carex bottles)

Faith in Nature Lavendar shampoo (original bottle)

Faith in Nature Lavendar shampoo (original bottle)

Bottles are by my back gate at 15 Green Street, WP, CH4 6YY

Once clean and dry pop the containers into a bag or box and leave them outside your home

Is it hygenic to keep refilling my containers?

Yes. Simply wash the containers with washing up liquid and warm water and let them dry off.

Can I refill a washing up liquid bottle with laundry liquid?

If you want the bottles refilled with something other than the liquid that was originally in the bottle then please clearly write the new product on the empty containers (on a label or straight on the bottle with a sharpie is fine).

How do you deliver?

We use an electric car charged using renewable energy or a push bike to deliver your products.

When will you deliver?

We usually do one container pick up/delivery per day at around 10-11am. If you'd like to place and order then please contact me by 11am so I can pick up your containers ready for next day delivery. Orders placed on a Friday by 11am may be delivered later that day. Please check when you place your order.

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